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Optimising work flows and empowering people

When your company is automated, your efficiency and competitiveness rise. 24/7 access to live data from anywhere in the world empowers you to work smarter. Our personal lives are run from the palm of our hands, why should business processes be any different?

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Remove manual and Excel based process across departments and geographical locations. Stop spending in the dark and be proactive about tracking suppliers’ performance and blocking spend anomalies.

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Approval flows

Approval routing and budget controls are the key to controlling spend and promoting accountability. Set up PO & invoice approvals to improve and streamline your spend. Creating controls and caps for every user across different departments and locations will give you full control – no matter where you are.

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Fraud Protection

Three way matching dramatically reduces the risk of fraud. Billions are lost across businesses every year due to invoice fraud. Stay safe and take control.

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A smarter way:

Get access to your data in real time and gain the insight to make better decisions. With all your teams’ purchasing available in one place, you can analyze your data and make sure you always get the best bang for your buck.

Our mission is to make your life easier

We integrate with all main accounting systems including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sun, Sage, Xero and more, to deliver exceptional speed-to-value.

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Manage your business from anywhere, anytime. Our cloud platform keeps your data secure and allows you to run finance, purchasing and admin processes from the palm of your hand.